I am not Crazy … I have Super Powers

Changing perspectives on mental health


The statistics show that 1 in 4 people worldwide have or will suffer a mental health issue at some stage in their life. In numerical terms this equates to 1.6 Billion People who think and feel differently than their ‘healthy’ counterparts. With stigma being such a problem in today’s society my thoughts went out to those 1.6 Billion people suffering in silence, feeling that they are odd, different and alone not knowing that their differences are in fact their super powers

Through my professional practice I have come across thousands of people who have reached rock bottom. My clients come to me from all walks of life, with different life stories and backgrounds. However, I have found that they all share in one commonality. The belief that the skills in which they are rehearsed, are their greatest weaknesses.

This perspective, of course, leads people to believe they are bad, wrong and strengthens the negative views they hold of themselves. With this increasingly downward spiral, behaviours become out of control which further isolates and reinforces those original negative beliefs.

If you can think of your own personality as a set of skills then suddenly, you are not good or bad but skilled in some areas and unskilled in others. This change in perspective then frees you to take active steps to gain the skill in areas you feel unconfident in and realise the Super Powers you have in the areas you are stronger in. So Let’s look below and begin to uncover the superpowers which lay amongst you.

Are you Oversensitive?

If this describes you then you have the power of having an emotional sixth sense. People who feel the slightest fluctuation in emotion have the ability to connect with others who are suffering and have a deep level of empathy for those around them. This skill could be seen as emotional telepathy.

Are you Manipulative?

If this describes you and you are highly skilled in manipulation, you have the ability to navigate through hectic environments and have a great influence over those around you. You have the power to make others see a problem in a new perspective. 

Do you wear masks?

People who wear masks are easily able to mould themselves into different situations and make those around them feel safe and at ease. This gives you the skill to reinvent your life and your behaviours to one’s that are healthier and lead to you being happier in yourself.

There are more superpowers than the list above but this will hopefully of given you an example of how playing to your strengths can move you from your negative self belief systems towards starting to love and trust yourself.

“With great power comes great responsibility” 

How you use yours is for you to decide. Make sure to let us know your Super powers in the comment section below.

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