I am not Crazy … I have Super Powers

Changing perspectives on mental health


CBT – Anger, Rage and Changing Behaviours

Anger is a healthy emotion to have when managed in a way which doesn't harm others. Anger is the feeling, responsible for addressing injustice which is vital in keeping order in your close relationships as well as in the larger community. Anger can be communicated in a adult way and can be proactive in moving [...]

Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder VS Borderline Personality Disorder

To receive the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder you need 5 out of the following 9 symptoms for a prolonged period of time: Fear of abandonment Unstable relationships Unstable self image Impulsive self destructive behaviours Self Harm Extreme emotional mood swings Chronic feelings of emptiness Explosive anger Feeling suspicious or out of touch with reality [...]

Finding a therapist and self exploration

In this article we shall look at how to find a suitable therapist as well as learning how to open up and engage in treatment when the right one is found. We shall also look at if treatment feels wrong and when to find yourself a different therapist. Select the right type of treatment  There [...]

Mental Illness – Breaking The Silence

Mental illness is one of the most painful and difficult things a person can experience. The crippling anxiety attacks, low moods, depression, fatigue, loss of sleep and a multitude of other symptoms. Added on top of the physical and emotional symptoms is the isolation that can make you feel like a prisoner of your own [...]

Change the way you change

Stop giving 100% of yourself into change. Start giving 5% and see change grow